The December Horoscope 2020 will be marked by the total eclipse of the Sun in Sagittarius; the beginning of the direct trajectory of Chiron in Aries; the entry of the Sun into Capricorn; and the great conjunction Jupiter – Saturn in Aquarius.

The union between Jupiter and Saturn is an astrological event that occurs once every 20 years (approximately), and this time it will happen on December 21st, under the influence of Aquarius.

This alignment alludes to a paradigm shift, which generates a new order at the individual and collective level (with an emphasis on political and religious organizations, social relations and technological advances).

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From the psychological point of view, the conjunction Jupiter – Saturn in Aquarius promotes the balance between the material and the spiritual; and honesty, responsibility, and integrity as life values. Do you want to know more?

  • ARIES After the process of reflection and self-discovery that Chiron imposed, during its apparent regression in the sign of Aries (from 07/11 to 12/15), now there is the opportunity to embrace the true essence, from love, forgiveness, and acceptance. 
  • TAURUS The entry of the Sun into House IX of Taurus (12/21) alludes to the native’s interest in cultivating their knowledge and a philosophy of life, in accordance with their goals and ideals. Likewise, this astrological; position suggests an important journey (internal or with an international destination); transactions abroad; academic awards; and successful publications.
  • Gemini The total eclipse of the Sun in Sagittarius, on 12/14, will touch House VII of Gemini, which implies the beginning of a formal relationship; a promising blind date, with someone referencing by people around you; or a deep admiration for the qualities of the life partner.
  • CANCER The second Full Moon in Cancer of 2020 will take place on 12/29, inviting the healing of emotional wounds, through forgiveness and compassion. Likewise, the lunar event motivates the analysis of the proposed personal objectives, and how you are working towards their achievement. 
  • LEO The great conjunction Jupiter – Saturn of 12/21 will happen on House VII of Leo, so we speak of a process of expansion (growth) shared with a partner or associate; however, the native must assume their responsibility in the part that corresponds to them, and not attribute possible failures to the circumstances.
  • VIRGO On December 13, Mercury in House IV of Virgo will hold a square with Neptune in House VII of Virgo, indicating tensions in couple relationships, for reasons associated with the family group of origin. This configuration also warns about beliefs instilled in childhood, which interfere with the interaction with yourself and/or with your life partner. 
  • LIBRA The beginning of Chiron’s direct trajectory in House VII of Libra (12/15) refers to a greater receptivity towards learning that personal relationships entail, and the need to preserve oneself and establish limits when circumstances warrant it.
  • SCORPIO Eros, the asteroid of lust, will be transiting Scorpio from December 22nd, highlighting the passionate character and magnetism that characterizes the natives of the sign. This astrological position sharpens the intuition; and it fuels the desire to “possess” the other, an intense and uninhibited expression of one’s own sexuality, and the interest in discovering what is hidden. 
  • SAGITTARIUS The total solar eclipse in the sign of the centaur (12/14) is presented as a portal for personal reinvention and a change in the vision of life. The native will be more willing to focus on their personal development, starting from individual and realistic expectations.
  • CAPRICORN Mars in House IV of Capricorn will star in a square with Pluto in the sign of the goat, on 12/23. This alignment suggests that the native will be confronted with beliefs and patterns, programmed in childhood, that are limiting their evolution in the present. 
  • AQUARIUS The great conjunction Jupiter – Saturn in Aquarius (12/21) alludes to significant events in the life of the native, in which they must overcome their fear of commitment, or loss of independence, to advance towards the goal that was set.
  • PISCES The square between Neptune in Pisces and Venus in House X of this sign (12/30), represents an opportunity to explore your professional ambitions, considering the opportunities that allow you to take advantage of your talents, grow and create your legacy.

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