Couples: It will be the delirium on the marital love side. You will experience moments of intense passion, but with the risk of showing yourself more demanding than usual. Your spouse or partner will have an interest in rising to the occasion, by showing a lot of imagination and brilliance.

Singles: Your love life will be full of uplifting events. If you dream of the ring on your finger, your wish might be granted right away. For hardened singles, there is no shortage of good adventures.

Be extremely careful with your spending, especially if it involves a long term loan. Debts are easy to contract and expenses even easier to carry out, but repayments will be more painful than they appear: here is the trap which awaits you! And everyone also knows that “debts reduce the free man to slavery” (Publilius Syrus).

You should be in as good health as possible. Only natives of the first decan will have some cause for concern: poor nervous resistance, anxiety of psychic origin, deficient venous circulation. For them, relaxation will be essential.

The determination and tenacity that you will show will allow you to complete a professional project that is nevertheless very difficult and terribly ambitious. Before the end of the period, you will get the fair reward for all your efforts.

Encouraged by Mars, you will want to command, direct, decide … and those around you will only have to obey! Easy to say, but maybe not easy to do. Indeed, your loved ones will not be easily led by the nose, and clashes may occur with members of your family.

Quote of the week
“You cannot remain the head of the family without being stupid and deaf” (Chinese proverb).

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