You cannot always think about your personal issues but you must also focus on those around you and on the work you are asked to do within certain deadlines.

You are almost never on time and this is a point against you.

You also shouldn’t take the complaints of others as a burden, as something that does not concern you and unjust.

You know that it is fair and justified and that perhaps you should look for fewer excuses!


You have spent more time than expected lately for issues that have proved to be inconsistent and devoid of any kind of validity, especially on an economic level, so it is time to start off with your plans.

Forget the surrounding disturbers, those who would demand the impossible from you.

Surely you will be able to find the way out of this scenario too.


If you can find some alternative route on this day better for you, otherwise you will have to take hours and hours of senseless speech without the least foundation.

After all, you cannot always act as if nothing is going on, sometimes you have to intervene concretely.

Rebelling could be a double-edged sword, but if this could somehow stem the phenomenon you should try it out.

The conditions should be right today, but such a choice will entail consequences.


You are certainly engaged in some secondary activity right now and you can afford a few hours of leisure, so take it to reorganize your ideas that are not very liked by the people next to you.

You will have to change something, change dates and schedules, not be too rushed, but above all be more rational and supportive, because you have neglected a fundamental element, which is the person next to you.

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