These 5 zodiac signs are difficult to grasp no matter how well you know them.

It is frustrating to be misunderstood and to feel that your behavior and your words are being misinterpreted all the time. We can find help in astrology, where our personalities are determined by a number of factors.

Family, the environment, the culture and some other factors play an important role here. Some believe in horoscopes and that the zodiac sign under which they were born has a great influence on their personality.

There are certain zodiac signs that are really difficult to understand and one wonders why. These zodiac signs are neither better nor worse than other people, they may be more mysterious, more careful and more closed than others and the reasons why they are so are often difficult to understand for someone who is not in their skin.

Some of them are difficult to understand because they do not want to be understood, because they believe that if they are complicated, they are smarter than everyone else, but just because someone has a complex personality does not mean that they are more intelligent.

But one thing is true, the more complex someone is, the more interesting it is to get to know these people and it can be assumed that you could spend a life researching them without getting bored.

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Cancer is known to often have mood swings and it is often really difficult to see what they are upset about this time. Cancer is also incredibly difficult to let go, be it a relationship, a friendship, or just something that they had in their closet for a long time.

For cancer, the family is often the “one and all” and what is often the cause of many of its tragedies and emotional phases in its life.

In addition, the crabs find it very difficult to overcome something that has hurt or disappointed them in the past. Cancer has the ability to bring something back long into the present and then get excited about it. The key to understanding cancer is to understand that cancer does everything it does, thinks and says with all its heart.


The main reason why a scorpion cannot be understood is that it does not want it itself. Scorpions are very complex beings and they tend to be mysterious, suspicious and manipulative. They are extremely passionate in all areas of their lives. There is nothing the scorpion can just shake off and let go of.

Admittedly, the scorpion tends to get into everything easily and also be vengeful, but at the same time nobody will fight for you and for you more than a scorpion does.

It may be misunderstood for outsiders, but the scorpion loves conflicts, struggles and challenges, it draws its strength from it. In moments when the scorpion can fight for or for something that it believes in, at such moments it feels most alive.

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Aquarius can be a mystery and a riddle that doesn’t want to be solved. These beings are difficult to grasp and this is often due to the fact that they are unable to express their feelings well or that they are usually very intelligent and do not swim with the current.

They are independent and don’t feel like they have to explain their decisions to someone. And they live according to the motto “If you don’t understand me, then that’s how it should be.”

Aquarius is usually on a level that few people in life reach and we are talking about the spiritual level. Aquarius tends to get upset when people don’t care about their lives because it is a matter of course for them to get the best out of everything. 


It is not difficult to misunderstand the fish, this is because they often puzzle themselves because they live in their own world of thought and like to withdraw without giving a reason, which often leaves questioning fellow human beings.

Instead of expressing their feelings with words, the fish feels better to convey its emotions to people with subtle hints, for example by telling which song they are currently listening to or what book they are reading, and then they expect that around her to recognize what’s going on in her head.

The fish is often moody and jumps from feeling to feeling and it might have absolutely nothing to do with you, maybe the fish is just angry with itself (which is often the case).

Fish can also be injured relatively easily, but instead of the fish looking for a conversation, it moves inside and rethinks the situation hundreds of times. They are friendly to everyone except themselves, so it can be quite difficult to see what’s going on with the fish at the moment.


Twins are extremely quick to jump back and forth between their true mood and thoughts and it is difficult to keep up with them. Twins are usually smart and know how to express themselves and they love to communicate.

These conversations are very rarely about the inner life of the twin, rather it is superficial small talk that the twin masters perfectly.

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The twin detests boredom, which can have a negative impact on their behavior. It seems to others that the twin is very erratic and volatile. At first it is very difficult to see where a twin is going.

However, if you can get him to relax with you, you will see relatively quickly where the twin is taking you. You will never be able to understand the twin because he does not understand himself, but it will never be boring with a twin.

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