What kind of man you need to be happy. Based on your month of birth.

We all believe that we know what kind of person is good for us. Sometimes we believe that we have experienced everything and that we have found out who suits us well. Despite all this, we still end up with the “wrong” man who hurts and disappoints us.

Astrologers have found that the month of birth largely determines our personality. This is the type of man that is good for you based on your month of birth.


Wait for the man in life who appreciates but also supports your ambitious personality. You need someone in life who understands that you work hard on your dreams and goals in life and are always motivated. A man who gives you the freedom to realize yourself and get what you deserve will be the perfect man for you by your side. He should also be someone who can handle you being a workhorse. 


You need a man who is just as curious as you and wants to discover the world with you. He should be a guy who is willing to leave everything behind and go on an adventure with you. This requires a man who accepts every part of your personality, both the light and the dark parts of your character. 

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In a relationship you are someone who likes to look after your partner and is always there for people who are important to you. For this reason, the right man for you is someone who is the same because only someone can understand you. He should be a guy who has you high on his list of priorities and who always respects you and takes you seriously as a personality. 


Until you meet the man who can remain in your strong and engaging personality, then it is not the right one. The perfect guy for you is someone who has a strong self-confidence and is not intimidated by your determining nature. It should also be vulnerable and profound, but above all strong and independent, just like you are. 


You are extremely focused, motivated and devote yourself entirely to the things that fulfill you and advance you in life. In order to have a fulfilled relationship, you need a man who can keep up with you and support you. He should be the type who has his own life and loves to live with you. 


You always try to heal others and see in the broken something that can always be repaired, although it is not your job. The perfect guy is someone who sees someone in you who needs to be healed. He should be open to emotions and happy to show and express your feelings openly. But the most important thing for you is that he is a good person and well brought up. Because your weakness has always been men with decency and character. 

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You need a man who just wants to be with you. You are by nature a personable person and someone who can cast a spell over others, so you need a guy who does not become jealous quickly and can cope with the fact that you are someone who is often surrounded by people. If this is the case, you will both have a fulfilling relationship because you love yourself for what you are without one expecting the other to change. 


Wait for the man who always says directly and openly what he thinks and feels. He should like your self-confident manner and respect you, remain honest and also deal with your direct manner. You need a guy who knows what he says, who knows where he is in life and where he wants to go, something like that impresses you because you can’t do anything with boys who don’t have both feet in life. 


The guy who is meant for you will be one who wants to grow and develop with you. Since you are someone who loves to learn and learn more about the world and everything else, he should be like that. You also need a man who challenges you, who is a task and who is by no means a “yes-man”, because there is nothing you hate more than someone without your own opinion.


You need a man who really appreciates your kind and loving manner. Most of the men you met took these qualities for granted and you don’t need them again. The guy you need in your life should also be able to give you what you are willing to invest in this relationship. 

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The man who suits you will be a man who looks right through your shell right into your core. He is the man who really knows who you are. You need a guy who is willing to look deeper than most in a superficial world. This man really wants to understand who you are. He will love your creative nature and respect your hard work and ambition.


You love to enjoy your life and that’s why you need a man with whom you can be silly and who goes along with every little joke, paired with romance that will be the most beautiful relationship you have ever experienced and felt. He should have a great sense of humor and should make you smile even in moments when there is nothing to laugh about. You love life and laughing, that’s why a man suits you who likes to laugh and takes life lightly.

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