I have battled to keep you in my life, and now I am fighting to release you. What’s more, I am exhausted. I am exhausted from all that battling, and I won’t do it any longer. I just can’t. 

I finally realized all the fights are in vain.

Nothing will ever change. I am merely taking care of my heart with dreams of us. Of what we may be on the off chance that you would quit pulling me closer to make sure you could push me away when it turns out to be a lot for you to deal with. 

I finally realized that love shouldn’t feel like torture.

What’s more, that is actually what uneven love feels like. It resembles paying an atonement for something I haven’t done. It has someone at the forefront of your thoughts all day, every day, realizing beyond any doubt they don’t consider you. 

It’s taking a gander at your telephone, hanging tight for that call that once in a while comes. It’s sending a book brimming with eagerness to make sure you could get a short, easy answer. 

It’s not able to take your eyes off someone who once in a while overlooks you are there. It’s sitting tight for something that will never be. It’s quieting your instinct when you realize you ought to listen the most. 

I finally realized that I am alone in all of this.

Everything originates from me. I continue giving, and you keep taking like you are qualified for my consideration, friendship, and comprehension as I don’t have needs or wants. Like I am undetectable. 

That is the reason you generally have a grin all over. You are acceptable—you have all you need from me. 

That is the reason I have only tears moving down my face. I am bad. The total of what I have is a depression in any event when you are there. 

I finally realized that I shouldn’t beg for your love.

You possess energy for everything and everybody other than me. You are utilized to me continually being there. You are flying in and of my life when you think that it’s helpful. 

I required you on different days as well. I needed you just to be there. I expected your glow. I requested your embrace. I had to realize you were mine like I was yours. I required it. However, I never got it. 

I finally realized that I am slowly killing myself by staying hooked on you.

You have no clue what it resembles keeping awake around evening time, asking why you were unable to pick me, pick us, above every other person, above yourself. 

Thinking about whether there was something I could have said or done any other way to make you succumb to me altogether. Perhaps on the off chance that I was better, more brilliant, progressively effective, increasingly delightful. You have no clue how frequently I remained up the entire evening, thinking something wasn’t right with me that I was missing something. That I am just a half since you just half-adored me. 

I sensed that I was unlovable because I was never cherished by you—the just a single I needed to be adored by. By being with you, I lost my certainty. 

I finally realized that I loved the idea of you more than I loved you.

It was captivating. A blend of science and fixation. It was a long, however brief craziness I needed to wake up from. 

True love is never uneven. It’s two individuals picking each other consistently, regardless. It’s deciding to hobnob. It’s there through various challenges. 

It’s something that is rarely constrained. It’s easy. It’s kissing hard and embracing much harder. It’s putting on a grin and cleaning tears ceaselessly. 

Genuine romance is never one individual. It’s two individuals committed to one another, contributing similarly, providing for each other all that they can without requesting anything. I understand that now. 

I finally realized it’s time to say that final goodbye.

It’s time I leave you before and quit seeking after something unimaginable. You will never cherish me how I love you. I realize that, and I am alright with that. 

Yet, what I can’t overlook any longer is that I am terminally troubled in whatever this is. I am the one in particular who can take care of business. It’s time I consider me for a change. It’s an ideal opportunity to give myself all the adoration I was giving you.

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